The Life of Leo (5 stars)

For this assignment it said to create a collage video of an animal or anything that can be shown as growing up. I decided to make a collage of my kitten, Leo. He’s such an adorable kitten and to look back at picture of when he was so so little and then now was something good to look back at. It brought back a lot of good memories from when he was a small kitten. Hope you guys enjoy.

The process for this assignment was basically the same as my previous assignment with the favorite moments in the last year video. I began by selecting the pictures I wanted to include. Then I put them in chronological order. After that I added in title screens to show how old he is and to break up the video. Once that was done I just needed to select a song to go along with the video. That was pretty simple to be honest. Since I was making a video of Leo growing up, I decided to use the song “Life Changes” because to me it seemed to fit perfectly with the assignment.