Meeting the Man I was Named After

For this assignment it said to come up with someone that you would want to have dinner with and explain what you would have for dinner, some discussion topics, and how the night would have gone.

I’m Having an Old Friend for Dinner (2 stars)

If I was to sit down and have dinner with someone, anyone of my choosing it would probably be the man himself, Hank Aaron. The main reason I chose Hank Aaron is because my dad named me after him when I was born. Also, I have always wanted to meet the man that I was named after and the all-time home run leader in the MLB. (For the people that know baseball Barry Bonds holds that record but used steroids to do it, so in my opinion that doesn’t count. But that’s another conversation that can be had some other time.) So back to my story about dinner with Hank Aaron. My cooking skills aren’t that great but let’s just say that they are for this situation. I would cook up some chicken and shrimp alfredo which is one of my favorite dishes. Some discussion topics for while we are eating would be baseball back when he was playing, how it felt to break the all-time homerun record, if he faced any adversity along the way through his life, how did he ended up becoming the player that he was, what it was like when he was growing up, and probably mention that my dad named me after him when I was born. As the night progresses, I would think that it would be going well and that the two of us would definitely be getting along with sharing the same interest in baseball. It will be an educational night as well as I get to hear about how life was when he was a child and growing up. Also, to see how baseball has changed and to be able to hear it from someone that actually lived through that time and not just from statistics and articles about how the game has changed. Overall, I think that this night if it were ever to actually happen, would go very well.

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  1. This is a really interesting post! I loved how you took us through the entire night and included details about what you would talk about and how you think the night would go. I think its also really interesting how you were named after a baseball player and grew up to be a baseball player. Was that just a coincidence or were you literally born to play baseball by being named after a baseball player?

    1. I mean my dad is a big baseball guy, so I mean I guess I was born to play. The only other sport I’ve ever played was soccer and I was about 5 when I was playing.

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