A Terrible Nightmare

Dream it…Write it! (2 1/2 stars)

For this assignment it said to recall a dream or make up a dream that you have had and to write about it, explaining what happened within the dream in as much detail as possible. Below is a dream, well nightmare that I used to have when I was younger. I think I stopped having this dream once I reached high school.

The dream starts off during the night with me and my family enjoying family time together watching tv. Then all of a sudden, we hear a loud “crack” or “bang” and the power went out. We are all scared, so we decide to go and hide. But at some point, while we are trying to hide, we see light coming from multiple flashlights through the windows and yelling from outside of the house. In the process of hiding I lose my family and am left to defend myself as we have no idea what is going on outside. I decided to hide up in the attic of the house in this corner that was blocked off by boxes so that it would be hard for them to find me. As the nightmare goes on it always comes to the point where I hear the people enter the house and start destroying things and checking every room. As they start to get closer to the attic door, I am in a panic. I hear the door open and as they are searching, looking to see if anyone is up there, I was just thinking, “Please don’t find me, please don’t find me.” But eventually they find me and that when I wake up. I always hate when I have this dream because I wake up like, “Holy crap, that felt so real.” When I would wake up, I would feel like I was actually there like it had actually happened but then I would realize that it was just a dream. This dream used to occur often but not too often when I was younger, and I have no idea why. I really don’t understand why it would be a reoccurring dream, especially with how terrible of a dream it was. 

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  1. This reminds me of some really bad night terrors I would have when I was younger. I had 2 or 3 dreams like those that would happen on repeat until my mom heard me and woke me up, they are terrible and I can still remember the details of them to this day.

  2. Yeah exactly, I don’t understand why people have these kind of nightmares. But mine has also stuck with me until now, I can still remember it as much as I could the first time it happened.

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