Week Fourteen Summary: DS106 Final Project

Secret Agents Save the World

For my final project i decided to use design, visual and video for my three different types of media. For the design portion i created a poster that would be posted everywhere; newspapers, websites, tv, etc. trying to draw attention to all secret agents to help save the world from the insane man, Dr. Evil.

The next part of my project had to do with the visual and video types of media. I took pictures and created a story behind them all, but without words or anything someone may not be able to understand the full meaning of the story, so i am here to tell you how the secret agents saved from world from mass extinction. It all started in Chicago when The Marksman caught wind of some villain trying to destroy the whole world. With that he broadcasted the poster above all over the place reaching out to secret agents from all over the world. Once he had enough secret agents on board they met in his hideout where they discussed what their plan was going to be. The Marksman knew that Dr. Evil’s layer was located somewhere in Moscow, so that is where they went. After arriving in Moscow, the team of secret agents went out into the wilderness and split up in search of the layer. At first, they weren’t able to find anything. They spent days searching for the layer and one day they came up a suspicious old tunnel. They went back to their base they had in Moscow to create a plan to capture Dr. Evil. Once their plan was set, they moved in on Dr. Evil. The secret agents had their hands full with Dr. Evil and his army. But their plan was going to work. Half of them were going to surprise attack, while the others waited shortly after to sneak attack and capture Dr. Evil. Once they captured Dr. Evil, he was put into a highly guarded prison where he will rot for the rest of his life. Now the world can rest as they do not have to worry about anyone blowing it up and everyone can continue on with their daily lives in peace. All thanks to the secret agents!!

Week Thirteen Summary

Final Project Progress Report

For my final project I decided to choose the topic of saving the world from destruction. I find this topic to be one that allows me to expand on it and use my imagination to create a story with a twist and crazy ending. The three types of media I have decided to use for my project are visual, audio, and either design or video. This week I have created the layout of how I want the story to go (no spoiler here), so now in this upcoming week all I have to do is produce it and put it all together. It seems like this project is going to be lots of fun and I can’t wait to get started on it and see how it turns out.

Week Twelve Summary

This week we worked with mashups, and I found it to be fun. This weeks assignments included two daily creates which are always simple, 10 stars of mashup assignments, and 2 remixes. I didn’t stay on top of all of the assignments this week, so I’m lacking the remix assignments. There were good mashup assignments within the bank to choose from. I was able to really use my creativity with the one assignment (telling a story through text). I really enjoyed this assignment because it allowed me to create my own story and have the outcome be whatever I wanted. Below are my assignments for the week:

Where’s Leo? (5 Stars)

For this assignment it said to tell a story through text. So I decided to tell a story about Leo, which everyone should know who he is by now with the amount of times I’ve used him as an assignment. This assignment was fun to do, because you got to create a story however you wanted. The type of story I was trying to create started out with worry and finished with being comical. I hope you guys enjoy.

Week Eleven Summary

This week we didn’t have too much to do, therefore it wasn’t a hassle. What I really enjoyed about this week were the video assignment banks. These assignments really showed me how much I really know about creating/editing videos. I really enjoyed putting the videos together. Being able to edit them the way that I want to and to make them something of my own was pretty fun. Other assignments that we had to do throughout the week were daily creates and write up a blog about a mission we would go on. These assignments were also very simple, which was another reason why this week was great. Below are my assignments for the week:

DS106 Saves the World

For this week we needed to come up with an idea for a mission. I had a lot of things going through my head about what kind of mission it could be. What I ended up deciding was a mission where some supreme leader has the ability to send nukes out all over the world to destroy all humanity. Our job is to stop him before he blows up the whole world. But in the process of trying to catch him, we encounter many obstacles along the way. Some being harsh winter storms (blizzard type), another group of people who want the world to end and are siding with the supreme leader, and a very smart supreme leader who seems to always be one step ahead. Join me on this mission to see what else we will get ourselves into along the way to take down this evil supreme leader.

The Life of Leo (5 stars)

For this assignment it said to create a collage video of an animal or anything that can be shown as growing up. I decided to make a collage of my kitten, Leo. He’s such an adorable kitten and to look back at picture of when he was so so little and then now was something good to look back at. It brought back a lot of good memories from when he was a small kitten. Hope you guys enjoy.

The process for this assignment was basically the same as my previous assignment with the favorite moments in the last year video. I began by selecting the pictures I wanted to include. Then I put them in chronological order. After that I added in title screens to show how old he is and to break up the video. Once that was done I just needed to select a song to go along with the video. That was pretty simple to be honest. Since I was making a video of Leo growing up, I decided to use the song “Life Changes” because to me it seemed to fit perfectly with the assignment.